Gain confidence in the water, keep fit, meet new people and travel!

What is Underwater Hockey?

Underwater hockey was first established in the 1950’s, with the aim of keeping scuba divers active and in the water during the winter months. Since then, it has developed into a competitive sport, played in over 40 countries. The game consists of 6 players, pushing the puck past the opposition and into the goal. UWH is a limited contact, mixed team sport.

UWH Gallery!

Benefits of UWH

Underwater hockey provides players with the opportunity to gain confidence in the water, keep fit, meet new people and travel!

Tournaments and trips

The DCU team have taken part in many tournaments across both Ireland, and Europe. We've competed in 4 tournaments this year, with two of them abroad. This year we travelled to Parma, Italy and Southampton, UK. These trips are a great way to socialise, immerse yourself in new cultures, and to represent Ireland abroad.

What you'll need to attend training

Swimming Gear

Pool Fins

Two-lens Mask

We'll provide the hockey stick, gloves and hat.


Every Thursday we meet in the DCU gym for fitness training. This is a great opportunity to try out UWH for beginners. When you are more confident, we will move to the national aquatic centre.

Just turn up!

Thursday 6pm DCU pool.

Thursday 9pm NAC, Blanchardstown.