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Join the adventure and get up close and personal with our native Irish waters at DCU Sub-Aqua Club.

As a club we strive for the highest standards of safety, training and most importantly, adventure ! If scuba, snorkeling, or freediving are skills you want to have under your belt, then joining a community formed around these skills is the right move for you.

When you sign up for DCU Sub-Aqua, you are also joining the larger community of Diving Ireland. This governing body for recreational diving not only maintains and monitors the high standards of training it's members require but also acts as a focal point for the larger nationwide community of recreational divers.

Through your training you will learn and share knowledge about our native waters and the skills required to traverse them, all the while making friends with likeminded divers from any one of the 63 clubs nationwide.

Why do we ask for membership fees?

We do everything in our ability to keep costs down and have diving accessible for all curious and adventurous minds! In order for the club to keep running, we ask all members to contribute a yearly fee.

Fees allow us to;

  • Have extensive insurance for all members diving with the club.

  • Maintain, update & repair our club gear.

  • Upkeep & rent costs for pool training.

Different rates apply to different members! See below to see what fee applies to you.

An Exciting Leap!

We get it, you have that thirst for adventure like the rest of us!

Make a start today by joining us on DCU's Clubs and Socs page. We're excited to meet you!

If you have any queries regarding membership please email us via the link on our homepage!