Explore the blue planet. 

On a planet that is covered by the seas, why limit yourself to just the remaining 30%? 

Diving since 2001.

At DCU, the diving adventure started over 21 years ago. Since then, our club has introduced new groups of students to the world of diving every year. We have empowered and trained each other to explore the aquatic world as snorkelers, scuba divers and general lovers of the sea. This diving adventure has taken the club to some beautiful Irish landscapes both above and below the waves, all the while forming new friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

DCU Sub-Aqua is a registered club with Diving Ireland and trains to the international CMAS standards and qualifications. The proactive learning and safety of our divers, as well as the adventure, are of paramount importance to our club. 

Explore DCU's Sub-Aqua Club! 


Created in 2001 by a handful of lecturers and students, our club has opened the world of diving to DCU students every year since. 


The diving skills taught are to internationally recognized standards. All members can not only be taught to SCUBA dive safely but to plan, lead and rescue dives and divers. 


The club goes on dive trips both in the Dublin area and across the country, year round.  Whether it is a day trip to Lambay or a weekend at St Johns Point, it is always good craic.


All efforts made by DCU Sub-Aqua are driven by its members and their passion for diving in the sea.  


The hardworking people behind this great club (2023-2024)


CJ Mooney

Dive Officer

Matt Fitzpatrick


Lorcan O'Reilly


Johann Issartel


Chris Maher

Training Officer

Kinga Matyja

Snorkel Officer

Conor Pursan

Equipment Officer

Dylan Do Couto

Boat Officer

Phil Smyth


Paul Stratan

Events Officer

Eoghan MacNamee

Safety Officer

Robyn Brennan


Sophie Donnelly

Underwater Sports Officer

Daniel Fay

Assistant DO

Alizee Leleu

Assistant EO

Weronika Sobiesiak

Assistant TO

Nat Kolesnyk

Assistant Boat Officer

Ellie Cunnane

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I scuba dive straight away?

Nearly! It'd be totally unsafe and irresponsible of us to get you underwater straight away, so you'll undergo training first, and become qualified as a 1* Diver! This qualification translates globally too!

Do you guys snorkel too?

Definitely, we love snorkeling - In fact, you can solely snorkel in the club if you'd like! Additionally you can snorkel straight away!

What is underwater hockey?

Imagine regular hockey but with a splashy twist! Underwater hockey (UWH for the cool kids) is played at the bottom of a swimming pool with snorkels, fins, and a weighted puck. Teams of aquatic adventurers zoom around, trying to score goals in underwater trays. It's like combining snorkeling with a fun game of chase! Dive in, hold your breath, and join the splash-tastic action!

Additionally, see our page on the subject in the navigation bar above!

Can I organize a Snorkel?

You certainly can! Everyone is allowed to organize a snorkel, however we do require that you have some experience beforehand! Additionally, all organized water activities have to be ran through the Committee's Dive Officer too!

How do I join?

You must be a member of Dublin City University in some form, whether it's student, staff or alumni. You can then go to https://dcuclubsandsocs.ie/club/sub-aqua to sign up using your DCU credentials!

Do I need to have dived before?

Absolutely not! All we ask our trainees is to have a basic ability to swim and to express an interest to learn these new skills. 

I have dived before with PADI or equivalent, do I need to train?

In order to dive with our club we need to know what level you are at. So if you already have another diving grade with another organization, all we ask is you do an equivalency test. 


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